GY6 Solenoid issue

GY6 Solenoid issue

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    I am having a problem with my solenoid. When I turn my engine on I have it set up by using two seperate toggle switches. The first toggle is simply flipped to the on position and the second toggle is an Off / Momentary On toggle that turns the starter over to start the engine. When I turn the power switch on and flip the momentary toggle nothing happens. However I can jump the poles on the Solenoid and the engine will start.

    So, I fugured I simply had a bad solenoid. I installed a new one and everything worked fine. After a few minutes of starting the motor and truning it off to make sure the new toggle was working fine, I began to experience the same problem again where the solenoid won’t allow the starter to run when I activate the Off/Momentary On switch. Now the solenoid just makes a clicking noise when I activate the starter switch. I can still start the engine by turning the power switch on and jumping the solenoid poles with a screwdriver. Pgh or anyoneone have any ideas?

    Please help

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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