Installing Ford remote starter solenoid

Installing Ford remote starter solenoid

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    I have a SUM-G1660A mini starter that I have battled solenoid problems with over the last several years. Hot or cold, it will occasionally just “Click” when I engage the ignition. Even with my new battery, this happens. I have to lie under the car and jump it with a screwdriver and off it goes. I have had the solenoid rebuilt a few times, and the problem eventually returns. After thinking back in my mind I correlated it to when I would wash the engine/underside of the car. Apparently these mini starters are VERY susceptible to moisture. I was at my engine guy’s shop Friday and he and the other two guys at the counter ALL agreed that I should put in a Ford starter solenoid and bypass the one on the mini starter. Especially if I want to wash the engine/underside of the car. The Ford solenoids are apparently better sealed?

    I’m game to try this as this problem is getting annoying. The guy that owned the shop even mentioned getting a Ford style Solenoid from a snow plow as they are better built. I want to make it so that washing the engine compartment wet does not leave me stranded somewhere.

    Just wanting some input.
    Have any of you done this?
    Where can I “Hide” the solenoid?
    Any other words of wisdom?.

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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