Starter/solenoid/braided wire issue

Starter/solenoid/braided wire issue

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    I will jump right in, but if you want the full background its at the bottom of the post. I have my starter removed and here is my troubleshooting/testing results:After pulling the starter, it became clear that the braided wire that carries the power from the solenoid to the motor was fried (looks melted in the middle, but that was almost impossible to see while the starter was still in the car).I can turn the starter motor with my hand, but it doesn’t spin freely (take a little force, but not too much). Not sure if that is normal or not.12V to terminal 50 – nothing (did not expect motor to run with the braided wire bad, but also no solenoid click). Should I be expecting a click even with the braided wire bad? Does this mean the solenoid is bad?

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