Starter will not crank, but solenoid clicks

Starter will not crank, but solenoid clicks

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    I have a ’92 240sc with the 454. When I turn the key to start, I get a click from the solenoid but the starter does not engage. After several turns of the key (maybe a dozen sometimes more) the starter will engage. Once it starts cranking, the starter usually stays engaged until the engine starts. Warm or cold, I normally have the same experience to start the engine. This week I removed the leads from the battery and ignition switch from the solenoid to look for corrosion. Found none but scrubbed them up anyway. I have checked the ground connection on the engine block and it is clean and tight (I didn’t remove it). Starter/solenoid was replaced about 5 seasons ago, so I figured this to be a problem with the connection at the solenoid. Since that doesn’t seem to be the issue I am not sure what to try next. Any suggestions??

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