Introducing the Siwenoid V2 integrated building management software

Siwenoid V2 building management software

Built on the success of its predecessor and optimized for the newest trends in the fire prevention and access control industry.

After nine years of success of Siwenoid, we proudly present Siwenoid V2.

Key features of Siwenoid V2

  • Dynamic, fast Java application
  • Server – client application with MySQL database
  • OS independent (Windows, Linux, OSx version available)
  • No floating windows
  • Multiple display configuration
  • Resizable workplaces on every display
  • High-resolution maps
  • Zoomable, rollable dynamic maps
  • Constant development of subsystem integration
  • Extended permission system
  • Flexible configuration possibilities
  • Dynamic licensing features

Features at glance

  • Server - Client application


    Siwenoid is a server - client application, where the server and the client can be on the same computer.

    Multiple servers and clients can be synchronized for redundancy.

    Technical log for engineers.

  • Easy to use user interface

    Scalable and resizeable views, multiple monitor configuration.

    Enhanced map handling


  • Clear view of datapoints


    Datapoints (sensors, zones etc.) are arranged in tree view, with straightforward color coding matching its events categories.

    All possible treatments and commands are accessible instantly.

    You can send commands to datapoints, check their statuses and manage and move them to arbitrary hierarchy.

  • Event log

    The event log logs all events in the database.

    Searchable, printable and exportable to XLSX, CSV or interactive HTML format.

    Event reconstruction and simulation is also possible

  • Plentiful customisation options

    Every aspect of the software can be configured.

    Can be configured live, without disconnecting from the subsystems.

    Permission dependent setting options

  • Manage the physical structure easily

    All connected subsystem can be edited and managed individually, even when the subsystem is connected and live.

    Easily viewable, straightforward sturcture grouped by the physical systems (fire alarm units, intrusion detection systems etc.)


  • Edit every aspect of the datapoints

    All integrated system handlers (like SPC intrusion panel and more) can be managed and edited.

    You can edit the sendable commands, treatments (statuses the datapoint can aquire) and many more.

  • Make handling an alarm easy

    Intervention texts can be assigned to specific datapoints to notify the end users about the measures must be taken on case of an event

    Intervention texts can be refreshed from online sources, can be assigned to any number of datapoints.

    Every datapoint can be assigned to any number of intervention texts.


  • Extended user permissions and features

    Users can be assigned for various tasks.

    Multilanguage: The language of the user interface can be set for every user individually.

  • Flexible and versatile permission levels for users

    Group permissions:

    Every user of the group inherits its permissions

    User permissions:

    Every user can have their own permission level with allowance and restrictions too.

  • Versatile map handling

    Maps can be assigned, uploaded to the system.

    Datapoints can be set to maps

    Layering: for example you can place the icons for smoke detectors on one layer while intrusion detection system's datapoints to an other - never get lost on crowded maps!

    DXF, PNG, JPG: all sizes and the most popular formats are accepted - even vector graphical images can be set, zoomed 

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