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We are looking for resseller / installation partners

We are constantly looking for partners who would extend their portfolio with an integrated security software.

Contact us if your company installs, sells or designs:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • CCTV systems
  • Access control systems
  • Intrusion detection systems

Why choose Siwenoid?

Your benefits

  • You can extend your product portfolio with an all-in-one management software, which prooved its worth at nuclear power plant, military airbase and shopping malls or museums.
  • You don’t have to make compromise  upon compatibility when selecting Fire alarm, CCTV, Access control or intrusion detection systems.
  • You can integrate all security features of the site into one room, with one unified layout. You don’t have to train the clients to use all kinds of software to manage a site.
  • You have more freedom to recommend different security system vendors or manufacturers to your clients, due to our extended compatibility.
  • Dynamic licencing makes the software scalable – you can install it for any number of datapoints (sensors, detectors, cameras etc) and you pay what you use.


We can rebrand the software to your needs. Siwenoid can be accessed on the market under many names … it can be yours too.

Manufacturer’s support

  • Our development and engineer team is available to reach.
  • We provide support remotly or even on site
  • We provide training for your engineers
  • Entire documentation is available online

If you need more information

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