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Sites we installed and maintained.

A shopping mall and conference center on the permises of Budapest. On the site there are several Cerberus Pro MP5 Fire alarm panels communicating with each other in speedlink and BACnet is used to communicate with Siwenoid V2. More than 4000 detectors are monitored throught Siwenoid, with instant printing of every event. 1 PC configuration (Server […]

► The english version can be read here Egy 20.000 férőhelyes stadionban a tűzvédelem és a beléptetés vezérlés esszenciális szükség. A biztonsági szolgálatnak minden helyzetben át kell látnia a tűzjelzéseket és minden mozgást az objektum területén. Vész esetén azonnal képesnek kell lenniük a menekülési útvonalak megnyitására. A stadionban ezért LST tűzjelzők és Vanderbilt SPC behatolás érzékelő […]

► A cikk magyar verzióját itt olvashatja On a site as big as a 20.000 seat stadium fire protection and access control is a must. Security personnel must be fully aware of every movement and fire hazard in every situation. They must be ready to open and close zones instantly in case of emergency. They choose […]

Saving manpower and increase security transparency at Auchan The task was to visualize the alarms of the intrusion detection system so the security personnel could overlook the whole system at one glance, for increased transparency and to make their job easier.

We installed SIWENOID in a Hungarian NATO airport to visualize the fire alarm events of 10 fire alarm panels. Two different communication protocols are used on the site: It integrates Algorex fire control unit with ISO1745 and SIEMENS Sinteso control unit with BACnet communication. Each control unit is connected through LAN to the management system. […]

Our biggest installation. 18pcs of SIEMENS fire alarm control units are integrated into our SIWENOID system at Budapest Airport. Until now it is our biggest installation with more than 16000 detectors. In this setup SIWENOID uses a special IEC-101 protocol interface to connect to a foreign system. Fire alarm messages are transfered to SAT process […]

3 Siemens Cerberus pro fire alarm system connected together with Siwenoid.

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