Siwenoid V2 building management software Built on the success of its predecessor and optimised for the newest trends in the fire prevention and access control industry. After years of development we released Siwenoid V2 in September 2017. Key features of Siwenoid V2 Dynamic, fast java application Server – client application with MySQL OS independent (Windows, […]

Watch the software in action. How it handles alarms, CCTV, data points, maps, and many more.

CCTV handling


Siwenoid can interface with many CCTV systems. Surviallence cameras can be marked on maps, can be assigned to datapoints so when an alert comes you’ll get the picture!

Users, datapoints, events can all have different permissions, even in relation to the others. Every user has its own, customizable permission levels

You can access all important features of Siwenoid via our android app. Manage alerts on the move!

What is Siwenix?


A quick introduction of the software and its capabilities

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